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Akashe amar
Utthare Gangai
O Make my Mind Tranquil and Calm

Ananda 1 - Lyrics and Translations

Ananda 1 1. Namo Namo Namo Buddha Deber
2. Ananddad hy eva Khalv
3. Saha Nav
4. Asim Jatana
5. Halo Aji
6. Tomai Bhalobasbo Bhagaban
7. Atit Piche
8. Kato Sampad
9. Vishwaruper
10. Jani ami jani
11. I Shall Obey You
12. Sundara Hate

Namo Namo Namo Buddha Deber

Namo namo namo
Buddha deber
Karuna maitri nir
Hethai asutosh shib bholanath
Chira achapal sthir
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Ananddad Hy Eva Khalv (from the Upanishads)

Anandadd hy eva khalv imani bhutani jayante
Anandena jatani jivanti
Anandam prayantyabhisam visanti.
 From Delight we came into existence.
 In Delight we grow.
 At the end of our journey’s close
 Into Delight we retire.

Saha Nav (from the Upanishads)

Saha Nav avatu
Saha nau bhunaktu
Saha viryam karavavahai
Aum shanti shanti shanti
 May he protect us together.
 May he own us together.
 May he make unto us vigour and virility.
 Aum, peace, peace, peace.

Asim Jatana

Asim jatana kemane sahibo balo
Hiya pahki mor chalo jai mora chalo
Swarga duar khuli bena jani hai
Tabu e bishwa pran mor nahi chai
 Infinite sufferings how can I bear anymore.
 O bird of my heart, come. Let us fly away.
 I know the doors of Heaven will not welcome us.
 Yet my heart does not want this world.

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Halo Aji

Halo aji puta bhor
Nahi ar ama ghor
Puta bhor ami aji
Tai dake hiya majhi
Bhor bhor chira bhor
Oi asimer dor
 Purity-day has dawned today.
 I see darkness nowhere.
 Purity-dawn I have become today.
 Therefore my heart’s Boatman calls me.
 Behold, the door of infinity is wide open.

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Tomai Bhalobasbo Bhagaban

Tomai bhalobasbo bhagaban
Saral prane geye jaya gan
Sabar bhalobasar sathe
Tomar ashish parbo mathe
Phelbo dure praner abhiman
Sakal byethar habe abasan
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Atit Piche

Atit piche atit miche
Egiye chal egiye chal
Dub diye dekh phute ache
Hridaye tor sahasradal

Kato Sampad

Kato sampad sanchito achhe
Akashe je mor ghar
Nija hate nao diba khusi prane
Keha nahi mor par
Dharani mukti lagi ami kandi
Niyata nirantar
 I have garnered teeming wealth.
 My hope is in the blue welkin.
 I shall give you everything that I have.
 Do take it with your own hands.
 To me there is no stranger.
 For the freedom of the world
 I am endeavouring day in and day out.

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Vishwaruper dhyane tanmoy
Amar e tanu pran
Amar jibaner heri jena taba
Vijayer abhijan
 My body and heart are in the meditation-trance
 That enjoys the Universal Form of the Lord.
 How I wish to see this Victory-Form constantly
 In all that I do
 And all that I am.

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Jani Ami Jani

Jani ami jani
Alik swapan jiban amar
Dukher sagar asim pathar
Jani ami jani
Amar kanna keha nahi shune
Prabhu kandi dibanishi
Bhagna hriday chira sathi mor
Tar sathe shudhu mishiTranslation
 I know, I know, my life is a false dream,
 An endless expanse of sorrow.
 I know, I know, my heart pangs touch nobody's heart.
 Yet helpless I cry day and night.
 Only one friend I have:
 A totally smashed heart.

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I shall Obey You

I shall obey You.
I shall be at Your Feet.
Constantly loving You
And serving You,
In You perfection I shall meet.
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Sundara Hate

Sundara hate sundara tumi
Nandana bana majhe
Nishidin jena antare mor
Tomari murati raje
Tumi chhara mor nayan andhar
Sakali mithya sakali asar
Chaudike mor bishwa bhubane
Bedanar sur baje
Pabo kigo dekha nimesher tare
Ei jibaner majheTranslation
 You are beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful,
 Beauty unparalleled in the garden of Eden.
 Day and night may Thy Image abide
 In the very depth of my heart.
 Without You my eyes have no vision.
 Everything is an illusion, everything is barren.
 All around me, within and without,
 The melody of tenebrous pangs I hear.
 My world is filled with excruciating pangs.
 O Lord, O my beautiful Lord,
 O my Lord of Beauty,
 In this lifetime, even for a fleeting second,
 May I be blessed with the boon to see Thy Face.

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In Ananda 1, Ananda are:
Suswara (Harmonium, Vocals)
Garga (Esraj, Vocals)
Sahadeva (Vocals)
Devashishu (Vocals)
Karteek (Vocals, Violin)

Cover Illustration: Vilas Ed Silverton
Music composed by Sri Chinmoy
Arrangements by Ananda