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Akashe amar
Utthare Gangai
O Make my Mind Tranquil and Calm



Ananda are a group of male singers and musicians based in various locations around Great Britain. We arrange the beautiful and haunting melodies of Sri Chinmoy for guitar, harmonium, mandolin, tablas, violin, keyboard, percussion and voice. All the songs have a meditative quality and we try to express this quality whilst performing.

Most of the songs we sing are in Bengali which is a language renowned for its poetic beauty. Other songs are in Sanskrit or English.

Ananda perform at free meditation classes offered by the Sri Chinmoy Centre throughout the UK. Many people find listening to true spiritual music one of the best ways to meditate. In fact, it was people coming to these classes that encouraged us to produce our CDs.

We also perform in concerts all over the UK and Europe. We have played in both Bristol and Lincoln Cathedrals, Glasgow Mela, the Louvre in Paris, the Kunstlerhaus in Vienna, Rydal Cave in the Lake District and to around 1000 people at Tribeca Performing Arts Center in New York. Our music has also been played on radio stations in the UK and Russia and on television in Montenegro and Serbia.

All our concerts are performed free of charge. We feel that our performances are part of our own spiritual practice as well as offering something to the audience.