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Akashe amar
Utthare Gangai
O Make my Mind Tranquil and Calm


We would love to hear your comments about our music. Please use the contact us form to leave a comment. Many thanks!

"Beautiful, tranquil and purifying! Touching, connecting the soul, the divine within! Thank you!"
"Thank you for the beautiful peaceful music creating a wonderful oasis in the city."
"Wow! Like a band of angels!"
"Thank you. Thank you for so much beauty and helping me remember the truth again. Love and blessings..."
Some comments after our concert in Bristol, 2016

"A beautiful, soulful, calming experience. Lovely to take stock and time away from the hectic pace of things. Reflective, inspiring & healing. Thank you!
"It has been brilliant, amazing and very peaceful. Congratulations and thank you for sharing it."
"Thank you. Om. Humbling to hear you sing and play with such devotion. Felt moved by that. Loved the drums etc..."
Some comments after our concert in Bristol, 2015

"Absolutely wonderful, I want to hold on to the experience. Thank you"
"Beautiful music that inspires pure and clean feelings from the Heart. Thank you so much"
"Thank you very much for such a nice evening sharing your chants with us"
Some comments after our concert in Cambridge, 2014

"Beautiful, tranquil, uplifting" - Penny
"Thank you. It has helped me." - Amy
"Relaxing, peaceful - and beautiful singing." - Ian
Some comments after our concert in York, 2014.

"Thank you for the amazing concert in Skopje... we were singing the mantras with my friends which was awesome. I can't forget that wonderful evening because you were brilliant and i'm expecting you to come one day again in Macedonia... Thank you again!" - Stefan

"Those guys really put their hearts into it, they're not just going through the motions, they 'walk the talk' - after Cambridge concert 2012.

"I was absolutely blown away by the fabulous sound of Ananda, it was such a spiritual experience and I am honoured to have experienced the wonderful harmony's emanating from your individual voices and backing music." - Sandra after our Cambridge concert 2011

"I just wanted to say you were absolutely brilliant. Thanks for a very enjoyable afternoon." - Ben, Cambridge Concert 2011.

"Thank you. When I heard your songs for the first time without any reason I started to cry, I don't know why. I'm meditating for several years but your voices fill me full of peace and love energy. I thank you so much because of your being." - Bita, Iran

"Very enjoyable and peaceful. Many thanks."
"So beautiful. Thank you."
"Absolutely fabulous! Thank you."
- Comments after our concert in Bristol Cathedral 2010.

"Your wonderful, soulful music touches my heart.. always calms my soul.. I love to listen and sing it. Thank you very much!!" - Edith

"Beloved ANANDA, Your music and Spiritual Benevolence is Cosmic, beautiful and very liberating, intoxicating... Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone in this wonderful world. Om Shanthi Om." - Frances

Link to an article by Sumangali on our concert in the Lake District 2007.

"If I use your music when I'm running, I run too long and too far, or until the battery of my mp3 player is empty...... I love listening to it. Never stop making music as beautiful as this!! - Rose, Holland

"Your Music is wonderful.. thank you very much... bless your souls" - Nas