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Akashe amar
Utthare Gangai
O Make my Mind Tranquil and Calm

Ananda 4 - Lyrics and Translations

Ananda 4 1. Usha Bala Elo
2. Gyani Hate
3. Ah! There He Comes
4. Utthare Gangai
5. Akashe Amar
6. Ki Sundaro
7. Chaowa Paowar
8. Sundaro
9. Peace

Usha Bala Elo

Usha bala elo
Dhire aji dhire
Hridaya gabhire
 Slowly, very slowly,
 The virgin dawn appears
 In the very depths of my aspiration-heart.

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Gyani Hate Chahina Prabhu

Gyani hate chai na prabhu gyani hate gyani
Tomar paye phutte chahi dhyani haye dhyani
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Ah! There He Comes

Ah! there He comes and there He goes.
Hope-seeds in my sleepless heart He sows.
Ah! there He comes and there He goes.
To a goalless shore my life-boat flows.
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Utthare Gangai

Utthare gangai dakhine godavari
He janani laho amai pabitra kari
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Akashe Amar

Akashe amar batase amar ek ananta chetana
Hanibo nashibo nimeshe ajike dharanir ghana bedana
 My infinite consciousness-light
 Pervades the sky and ether.
 Today I shall strike and destroy in a twinkling
 The world's intense sufferings.

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Ki Sundaro

Ki sundaro
Nitya mukta nilambara
Man pran dehe eso neme
Tumi he sundaro
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Chaowa Paowar

Chaowa paowar kanna hasi amar majhe nai
Dao go more mago tomar charan tale thai
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Sundaro sundaro sundaro paramer sara sundaro
Laho laho laho toma lagi mor antara
 O my Lord Supreme, O Beautiful One,
 Beautiful One, Beautiful One,
 Take, take, take, take my heart.
 It is all for You.

Bengali score and English Score

Peace (medley)

Peace: humanity's perfection-dance
In God's Heart-Garden.

No dream, no dream, no dream, no dream,
No dream, no dream.
My Supreme Himself wants me to be
In love with Him.
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No dream, no dream, no dream, no dream,
No dream, no dream.
I am chosen out of billions by my Lord Supreme.
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In Ananda 4, Ananda are:
Suswara (Harmonium, Vocals)
Dave (Guitar, Vocals)
Sahadeva (Synthesizer, Vocals)
Devashishu (Vocals)
Garga (Bouzouki, Vocals)
Bahumanya (Bodhran, Vocals)
Sadanand (Tabla, Vocals)
Kanala (Sitar)

Cover Illustration: Vilas Ed Silverton
Layout: Ashirvad
Music composed by Sri Chinmoy
Arrangements by Ananda