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Akashe amar
Utthare Gangai
O Make my Mind Tranquil and Calm


Cave Concerts

Cave Concert Series

Our popular Cave Concerts in the Lake District are an annual event.

Ananda originally performed a concert of spiritual music in Rydal Cave (Lake District) in 2004. The concert was the inspiration of new group member Steve who had spent a few years living in the Lake District and felt a special affinity with that area. Caves have played a special role in the lives of many spiritual figures so that, combined with the amazing natural acoustics, encouraged us to do it.

The occasional drips echoed around the cave and gave it a bit of extra atmosphere. At one some birds flew around the cave and sang too! We enjoyed the whole experience so much we decided to do another concert in 2005!

The 2005 concert attracted a larger audience and was also a great success. We decided to make it an annual event.

In 2006 we were also joined by Scottish solo singer Adarsha and an audience of around 120.

In 2007 we heard that Rydal Cave had a rock fall and was closed to the public. We tried to find other caves we could use in the lake district but did not receive permission for the locations we tried. So, we decided to perform at Ambleside Parish Centre instead.

To see photos of all our cave concerts please see our Photo Gallery.