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Cave Concerts

Ambleside Parish Centre - September 2007

This concert was a difficult one to get going! A rock fall caused Rydal Cave to be closed for the forseeable future. It now seems to have much more water in the cave than it used to, so it does not look very promising for the future.

After looking at various other caves in the area we eventually had to drop the idea of a cave concert but decided to keep the momentum going and hold the concert in Ambleside Parish Centre. Although this seemed like a disapointment at the time, it actually turned out very well (as is often the case!!).

The hall had wonderful acoustics - probably the best we have experienced - you could hear the softest voice right at the back of the hall. This year we were joined by female instrumental group Shindhu and Scottish solo singer Adarsha. The combination worked really well - I do hope we will be playing together in the future. Many people enjoyed the concert and remarked that it was much more comfortable than the cave!

For a beautiful write-up of this concert please visit Sumangali's blog. Sumangali is a wonderful writer so you may want to read some of her other pieces too!