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Cave Concerts

Lincoln Cathedral - June 2007

This was our first concert in Lincoln Cathedral.

Dave grew up in Lincoln and had been wanting us to play there for a while. Finally it happened! We were struck by the beauty of the cathedral - especially the stained-glass windows. They gave the cathedral a wonderful lightness and warmth.

We played in the Chapter House, which is separated from the main cathedral by a corridor. It had a central pillar and a high vaulted roof and beautiful acoustics - just like you would imagine in a cathedral. Because of the natural reverb we decided to sing Sundara Hate (Ananda 1) with no instruments. It sounded very Gregorian. We also sang Saha Nav (Ananda 3). We all felt the sacredness of the place and that definitely added to the performance.

A few hours after the concert we visited the cathedral again, this time during an evening service. The choir was singing old church music and the sound was reverberating around the cathedral. It was a beautiful experience - I could have listened to them for a long time. Choirs must have been singing songs like these for hundreds of years.

The audience was very appreciative and many stayed behind afterwards to talk to us.

It was a very nice experience for us and we would love to come back again - next year hopefully!

Photos of Lincoln Cathedral Concert:
photo 11 in gallery.
photo 12 in gallery.